Disclosure of MINSUR´s Tailings Storage Facilities

Minsur responded to the request from the Church of England Pensions Board and the Swedish Council on Ethics for information on mining companies’ tailings storage facilities (TSF´s).

Minsur currently manages 6 tailings storage facilities operating in San Rafael mine (1) in Puno region, Peru and Pitinga mine (5) in Manaus, Brazil. Since 2013, Minsur´s geotechnical management complies with all the commitments and obligations, regulatory frameworks and good practices during the different stages: from site selection to rigorous monitoring of the design criteria, construction, operation, and closure of tailings dams. The management of our critical facilities (related TSF) considers the Canadian guidelines issued by MAC and the Canadian Dam Association (CDA) and their continuous improvement by implementing recently updated versions of abovementioned guidelines. During the last 5 years, external reviews done by an external board comprised by international experts have guided our tailings management and ongoing improvement.

As part of this continuous improvement and in compliance with the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) Tailing Governance Position Statement, Minsur has recently released its new Geotechnical Management Policy. Minsur has also completely reviewed and updated its technical standard for TSF safety management in 2018.

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