Minsur restates its committment with safe water management


Within the framework of the World’s Water Day celebration, Minsur renewed its commitment with the continuous improvement in water management. Moreover, access of neighboring communities to quality water services is a social investment priority.

Minsur admission to the ICMM poses a great challenge for an efficient environmental management. Thus, the company is reviewing and improving its water-related policies and standards. To date, the company carries out the following actions:

  1. Reuses a great part of water used in its operations and aims at using it more efficiently year by year.
  2. Water returned to the environment is previously treated, suitable for agricultural and livestock activities.
  3. Has a wide water monitoring system at several points of operations and areas of influence to ensure its quality.
  4. Implements hydro assets in the communities to store water and for irrigation purposes, as well as for projects improving access to water for human consumption.
  5. Promotes a caring culture and the protection of natural resources among its workers and communities, emphasizing a responsible use of water.