Dear strategic partners: this is our third Sustinable Times newsletter in 2023. Here, we highlight the milestones achieved so far this year, and we share them with you. The first one is the publication of our 2022 Sustainability Report, which states the goals we have achieved and our challenges. Most importantly, it shows how we live out our purpose at Minsur.

Something that makes us really proud is that -for the second consecutive year- we are part of the Lima Stock Exchange (BVL)/S&P Sustainability Index, which encourages us to continue moving forward and strengthen our efforts for a more sustainable management.

Furthermore, a third milestone was the celebration of the first anniversary of our Sustainable Development Framework Agreement entered into with one of our districts of direct influence: Antauta, in Puno. This agreement proves that it is possible to reach a shared vision of development and work together for everyone’s benefit.

All of that wouldn’t have been possible without your trust and support. On behalf of Minsur’s team, we invite you to read our newsletter and learn more about the progress made in building a sustainable future for everybody.