One year consolidating sustainability

Minsur closes FY2019 deepening its sustainability approach and consolidating as a benchmark company for the mining and the global tin industry. Our policies and standards have been strengthened since we joined the ICMM and meet the demands of global citizenship.

Thus, we can emphasize some of the actions we took this year, such as the strengthening of our Compliance, anti-corruption and anti-harassment programs. Likewise, we conducted due diligence to assess our human rights compliance system. Our social management system is also being enhanced, incorporating tools that will allow a more transparent engagement with communities.

In the third quarter we completed the construction stage of our tailings reuse project, B2, and we did with zero lost-time injuries. Our safety management is acknowledged as one of the most rigorous in the mining world, and it ranks fourth among ICMM’s companies. Furthermore, we have received awards from the Institute of Mining safety and the John T. Ryan organization.

For the second consecutive year we have measured our carbon footprint, which enables a more efficient environmental management and use of resources.

Minsur obtained important awards this year, for instance the National Mining Award granted by the Institute of Mining Engineers for its pre-concentration plant with Ore Sorting technology. Moreover, the early childhood development project, SAMI, implemented by Minsur in Puno was awarded with the second Sustainable Development prize by the National Society of Mining.

All of this is a sample of our commitment to sustainability, but mainly to our stakeholders, specially our customers and those who in some way use the tin we produce. We are totally committed to developing responsible mining and promoting an appropriate ethical and sustainable industry to address social, environmental and economic challenges posed by the XXI century. All of that will be possible, if we work hand in hand with our strategic partners.

Remember, you may access our report and review our sustainability management by clicking the link below: