Minsur celebrates the environment with its neighbors

The Environment Day was celebrated on June 5, and Minsur took the opportunity to raise awareness and promote good practices with the neighbors of its operating units.

Thus, for example, the Week of the Environment was held in partnership with several regional agencies in Tacna city. This event comprises several activities, such as competitions and environmental fairs, eco biking events and climate parades, among others. Moreover, there were forums to set an agenda and discuss relevant aspects for Tacna, such as water problems in the region, waste management, and emissions.

In Puno, within the framework of the “Copa America” Championship currently being held in Brazil, Minsur installed a huge screen to watch the matches involving the Peruvian National team. At this space recycling activities are implemented, as well as lectures and environmental videos. Furthermore, high impact messages are conveyed through dynamics and games, mainly to children and youngsters, thus strengthening their environmental awareness and aiming at promoting environmental care practices.

Minsur has a socio-environmental hotline to share its responsibility value and its sustainability standards with its stakeholders, aiming at preserving a healthy and safe environment for next generations.