Mining of the future

Minsur drives the trend of the 21st-century mining industry

Minsur participated in the Future Symposium, event organized by the German thyssenKrupp Rasselstein GmbH at Andernach, last May 22. The event gathered the leaders of several companies, customers and partners of this industrial giant and it aimed at envisioning the future and analyzing the trends of the packaging market.

 As part of thyssenKrupp Rasselstein’s value chain, Minsur was called to talk about Sustainability. Thus, its CEO, Juan Luis Kruger, presented SusTINable, the brand used by the company to the market tin and -at the same time- to shape its business model.

Sustainability, as defined by Mr. Kruger, is the condition that has to be met by businesses to continue operating in an increasingly interconnected and surveilled market. This, within a context where natural resources are ever more scarce and global citizens are fed up with corporate corruption cases, environmental degradation and human right abuses.

SusTINable is Minsur’s answer, which goes beyond the delivery of 100% traceable mineral that has been produced ethically and meeting the highest socio-environmental standards. It also meets its customers’ expectations: long-term tin supply in a reliable and sustained manner. The latter is ensured with pioneering mining technologies that are being used by the company, such as Ore Sorting (using X rays to classify ore) or B2 (tailings reuse), as well as several ongoing exploration projects.

However, Minsur goes much further. SusTINable is, above all, a long-term partnership strategy with our customers who share the same philosophy. Thus, it incorporates the initiative to create shared value, a joint-work plan with our main purchasers to develop innovative solutions that generate mutual value.

So, Minsur traces the trend of the 21st-century mining industry, focused on innovation and sustainability, implementing each one of its business model pillars. For instance, through continuous improvement in governance, socio-environmental management, and people development aspects. Furthermore, expanding its traceability by applying new information technologies or developing new formats and alloys together with its strategic partners.

It is worth mentioning that Minsur is the only Peruvian mining company and the first tin producer becoming a member of the International Council on Mining and Metals, ICMM, an international association promoting the best mining practices.